Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pictures of the Babies :)

Luke in his LSU
Kami in her LSU...don't you just love her bow??
Gavin in his jersey
Silly Gavin playing with his daddy's hat

Luke in his LSU hat...he acquired it from big brother Gavin :)
It's still a little big
Born in 2008!
Thirsty boy!


Hilary said...

You have 3 cuties!! the bows are precious!!

Jessica Kate said...

What a good looking bunch! Welcome to twin town! And thank you so much for praying for my little girl. What a fun thing to stumble upon.
Jessica kate
Tuesday's mom

Stormie's mommy said...

I love Kami's white bow!! Darling! Where do you get bows from?

Stormie's mommy said...

Yes Stormie loves that car! I am getting her one for sure from Santa :) When we are over there she stays in it for forever. We have to pry her out NO Joke! Ha HA.

I made me a scrap blog but I can not figure out how to put it on my blog. Can you please explain it to me.Thank you so much!

BoufMom9 said...

What cuties!!!!
LOVE the bows on your little miss! So sweet :)