Friday, November 7, 2008

Check Ups

Yesterday, I took all three babies to the doctor for their check ups. Gavin's 15 month and Kami and Luke's 2 month. They all are doing great. Here are their stats:
21 pounds 1 oz-10th percentile
30 inches tall-10th percentile
His head is 19 3/4 inches-98th percentile (yes, I know, he has a big head!)
8 pounds 7 and a half ounces-5th percentile
21.1 inches tall-10th percentile
Her head is 15 1/4 inches-50th percentile
10 pounds 14 ounces-15th percentile
23 and 1/4 inches long-25th percentile
His head is 16 inches-75th percentile
They all also got shots. Poor babies, and poor mommy! No, really, they've done really well, not too much fussiness. However, yesterday after the shots, Kami and Luke switched roles for a little while, and he was super fussy and she just slept! But, today they are both running a little fever, but sleeping alot. Gavin, who is behind on his immunizations due to his Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia, recieved the same shots as Kami and Luke. He got this 3rd dose of those. He's been running a low grade fever also, but it isn't slowing him down any LOL.

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Jules said...

Wow - all three kids getting shots in the same day. You're Wonder Woman :) I sometimes wonder how you do it with three under the age of 2.

Hope they're feeling better for the weekend!