Thursday, November 13, 2008

Luke's Date with Mommy!

Tonight (Thursday) I went to Alanna's rehearsal supper for her wedding tomorrow night. I took Luke as my date :). He got all kinds of attention and he LOVED every minute of it! He just grinned and giggled at everybody!
Me and Luke
This is little Drew! He is the miniature groom and he had more fun running up and down the steps than anything else!
Katie Belle!
Alyece is singing in the wedding! Beautiful voice!
Luke says "Cheese Mama!"
Luke and Aunt Kay Kay (Katie)

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The Sharbono Family said...

Thank you!!! We have so much fun with the girls before they go down for the night. I absolutely adore the picture of Kami and Luke smiling together...I love when the girls do that, so I know it just melts your heart. Aren't we the most blessed parents in the entire world??? You are absolutely my carried your twins full term AND you had another baby at home. I prayed for you EVERYDAY of Gustav.:) See you for Christmas!