Thursday, December 18, 2008

Good Morning!

I took these pictures this morning Kami and Gavin were playing on the floor, so I got Luke out of his swing so I could take pictures of all three of them together...Luke is trying SO hard to contain his excitement LOL
More PJ pictures
After getting dressed! I love their shirts...Aunt Jessica got them for them, and they are so cute!
Kami's says"Cute Little Girl seeking adorable little boy, must have hair and love strained veggies. No mama's boys please."
Luke's says "Adorable Little boy seeking precious little girl. Must love naps and have own stroller. Crawlers welcome."
Gavin is making his getaway!

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Sarah Carraway Armstrong said...

You can tell Kami loves her big brother especially in the 1st 2 pictures. They will be close like you and your brother were.