Sunday, December 14, 2008

Randall Family Christmas

We always celebrate Christmas a few weeks before the actual date on my daddy's side of the family. There are SOO many of us, it's hard to get everyone together. We never do accomplish that goal! LOL Maybe next year!
Gavin, Kami, Luke...and either Sadie or Rylie...sorry, still can't tell them apart LOL, Gavin was giving Kami and a kiss and I was trying to get it on camera, but I missed it :(Kami and Luke...looking at all the people standing around!
Kinsley, Kami, Luke, Sadie and Rylie, and Phoebe...6 of the 8 babies born in our family in 2008! We really missed Kayla and Asher. Asher was at home sick with pneumonia and Kayla lives all the way in California. Oh, and if your counting, yes 6 of the 8 were girls! I know, Luke and Asher a seriously outnumbered!
Not all of our family! Ha, there were a good bit of people missing.
Memommie...Gavin was sitting in her lap, and again, I tried to get a picture, but I missed it...he's never too still for long!
Opening his present!
Kaitlin and KamiMemommie
Aunt Cindi holding Luke and in VERY deep conversation with Allie...LOL
Kassi and Kami
Aunt Pat is holding Luke and talking to Aunt Rowena

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BoufMom9 said...

What a fantastic time with your family, yours looks as HUGE as my immediate family too :)
LOVE all of those babies! How exciting!
LOVE LOVE LOVE the matching outfits for your kiddies! So cute!