Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Carrots....2 out of 3

Today, I decided to start Kami and Luke on baby food...Carrots was the first food Gavin had, so I decided that carrots would be good for Kami and Luke to start with...well....
Kam before trying her new food!

Luke, before trying his new food!Yummy Yummy! Luke loved his carrots!
Kami....not so much!Gavin loves them too! Luke ate all but about 3 bites of his carrots, and Gavin finished them off for him! I really thought he'd spit them out, since he eat real cooked carrots now! Jonathon and Jody came over for supper and we got a picture of all the kids... Can you believe it only took 4 tries! LOL And yes, I know Gavin doesn't match, and he has carrots on his face still!
Mr. Daredevil! He climbs on EVERYTHING! He's even been trying to climb on the table! You notice in the picture he is holding on, well about 2 seconds after I snapped the pic, he let go and tried to stand up! He fell off :(


The Sharbono Family said...

Cute babies!!! I know...I had the girls started on vegetables for about a month, and they were thrilled. They tasted bananas once, and now, that's all they want. I have to force the green beans down them. :(
You're such a good mom!!!!

Stormie's Mommy said...

All three of them are growing and so cute!!!! Keep the pictures coming!!