Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our Brand New Stroller!

Our brand new triple stroller!
Gavin tries to run away if I let him walk by himself, so we needed to purchase a triple stroller, because Kami and Luke were to big to share a seat in their double stroller...Luckily this one was on sale at Baby Universe.
It's very long! It takes up almost the whole doctor's office!
Gavin in the front...
Kami in the middle...
And Luke in the the back!
It's not much harder to maneuver than the double stoller was, and Gavin is happy because he has a snack tray again...he had one on his single stoller, but not on the double. He immediately put his sippy cup in his cup holder!


Stormie's mommy said...

Now that is a stroller!!!

Caitlyn said...

OMG.!! What a fantastic triple stroller!! I really love it.