Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Promised Pictures

I haven't taken any pictures of Kami and Luke together for a while, so I decided to put their new Bunny Ears on and take pictures. Gavin also has a pair (in yellow) but he was napping during picture time :(
Kami's eyes were closed in almost all pictures I took. She doesn't like the flash!
The best one! Both have their eyes open and are smiling!
Luke has a BIG grin!
So, the toddler bed isn't working as I would have hoped...He wants to sleep in it, he just wants me to sleep in there with him! LOL I stayed in there with him til he fell asleep the other night, took pictures, then was about to go to bed myself, and he was standing at his door crying! He ended up in the crib!
Cute pictures anyway!


Brandi said...

The bunny ears are just too darn cute! And your little guy looks absolutely precious sleeping! How come they turn into angels when they are asleep?

BoufMom9 said...

Wow! Gavin in a big boy bed!!!!
Those babies look so cute and chunky in their bunny ers. So adorable!