Thursday, March 12, 2009

To Hold You Over...

until they get home from Grammie and Pop Pop's house. Yep, they will be spending the weekend (plus some) at Grammie's because Chad and I have a wedding on Friday night, and I have a job interview on Wednesday. And rather than making two trips from Denham to Jena back to Denham, we have decided they will stay from Thursday (I'm here with them now, leaving in the morning) until Wednesday. I think I'm gonna be sad :(
Gavin in his Batman PJ's, complete with a cape! Such a little ham, cheeses it up for the cameras almost instantly! LOL
Batman Gavin!
To the Bat Cave! LOL
They are supposed to be night night, but clearly they are not! Kami doesn't look to enthusiastic about having her picture made. I think I'm going to talk to the doctor about having her see an optometrist, because she seems overly sensitive to light. More so than both of her brothers. Maybe I'm just paranoid...we will see! LOL
It was completely dark in the room, and I thought they were sleeping (I had the camera on night vision)


The Sharbono Family said...

They are so beautiful!!! They all have such a pretty skin tone...that sounds so stupid, I know, but they are glowing!!! :) Where are you interviewing?? We wish you the best!!

The Eadle Family said...

LOL, you know, if I took a picture of my kids in the dark, and thought they were asleep, and then saw in the pictures their eyes were open, I probably would have screamed a little. I am jumpy, so obviously surprises aren't good for me. lol.

I love the batman cap! TOO CUTE!

BoufMom9 said...

LOL too funny that they weren't sleeping...hahaha