Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Did You Miss Me?

Or did you even realize I was gone??
Poor baby Kami had to be taken to the emergency room on Monday night because she was refusing a bottle, throwing up, having diarrhea and hadn't had a wet diaper in over 8 hours. We got there and the doctors and nurses gave us the news that she was in fact dehydrated. So, they ran some tests to see exactly HOW dehydrated she was, and it was bad enough that she had to spend 2 nights in hospital. They gave her some fluids and she began to feel better, and the symptoms even started going away! She did not like being in the hopital, they put the IV in the hand that she sucks her thumb, so she was mad! Here are some pictures.
Her crib looked like she was in jail!
Happy Kami!
She loves her baby doll!
Cheesey grin! I love it!
And just so you know, it wasn't all fun and games, here's a crying picture.


The Sharbono Family said...

Leah, she is SOOOO beautiful! Her complexion is amazing. I can't wait for our twins to hang out. :)

Nanny said...

Poor little girl! She is beaufiful. I believe her head is shaped just like her PawPaw's. It looks like it is perfectly round.

She and you have been in my prayers. I know you are probably exhausted. I am praying for Gavin to feel better too. Thank God, Luke is well.

Aunt Dixie

Hilary said...

That is horrible!! get better Kami!!