Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend-Warning Picture OVERLOAD

Good Friday, we went to my aunt and uncle's in Vidalia, LA to see my cousin Shonda who lives in Tennessee. I regretfully didn't take many pictures. Only a few of Gavin, and the babies. I did manage to get a picture of Kami and Luke with Kayla, my cousin Glenn's little girl who lives in California. I didn't get any pictures of Baylee, she was sleeping the first half of our visit, and she wanted to play outside for the rest!
Gavin playin on the floor
Elisia, she also lives in California...she's Glenn's oldest daughter
Luke, Kami, and Kayla
Saturday we dyed Easter Eggs. Gavin loved it, but he didn't want to wait until the eggs were dyed. He wanted to keep throwing the eggs in the dye! He only broke 2 eggs!
Shaking Aunt Jessica's hand...she taught him how to shake hands this past week when he was at Grammie's
Aunt Jessica helping him put the egg in the dye
Easter Sunday we had a barbeque at my mom's house. I got lots of pictures this day!
The Easter Bunny came and left some goodies!
Luke's basket
Kami's basket
Gavin's basket...all his stuff wouldn't fit
Baskets together
Cool Chic
I love these shades :) Luke wanted to eat them
Gavin in his shades
Kami and her daddy
Swee Baby Luke
Happy Babies!
Kami and Papow Fred...yep I do believe she has him wrapped around her tiny little finger
Luke loves his Mamow Tony :)
All three of my babies in the playpen
Again...look how happy Gavin is to take a picture with his brother and sister :)
Papow and Gavin
Mommy and Gavin
Daddy and Pop Pop grilling...and boy was it good! Yummy :)
Grammie and Gavin covering up Kami and Luke from the wind
Gavin, Grammie and Papow Fred
Mamow Tony, Gavin, and Grammie
Gavin thought Maddie's Easter basket would make a good hat :)
Hunting Easter Eggs :)
Gavin liked this activity
Found one!
Zoe Bug found one too!
She found another one!
Thankfully the rain held off until after dinner. I however still got soaking wet, trying to load our stuff in the car.
Me, Kami, and Luke...yes this was taken after the rain!
Luke, Me, Kami, and Maddie
Luke and buds :)
Asher, Grammie and Luke


Hilary said...

Sweet the Easter Kami's dress..soo sweet!! the babies are getting too big :)

The Sharbono Family said...

I loved all the pictures! The Easter baskets are beautiful!! Where did you guys get them?
We are so blessed to be able to stay home with our babies!!!

BoufMom9 said...

I LOVE thier Easter outfits! Just adorable!

I can't believe how BLONDE Gavin is becoming! I was certain he was going to have dark hair...

It looks like such a wonderful holiday!

Andrea' said...

I love how Luke and Asher almost always have the same expression on their faces. If you look back, those two almost seem to be thinking the same thing.