Sunday, June 14, 2009


Yesterday, my mama (MiMi), Jessica, Stevie, Butch, Maddie and Zoey came to Baton Rouge to go to the zoo with our family and my brother's family. We had alot of fun even though it got up to 96 degrees! It was hot! Here are the pictures!
Luke needed his bottle
Kami never misses a photo opportunity
MiMi still feeding Luke
The original 4 grandchildren...before the other pesky 3 (well 4 if you count Ethan, who is Gavin's age) came along! LOL Little Asher man with his mommy!
We rented a double stroller, since Gavin always wants to walk these days...
But, Luke kicked Kami out!
But, was alright with Asher riding with him...
Kami didn't mind one bit! She got Asher's she is thinking the whole twin thing might be overrated!
Gavin sitting in the stroller...this lasted about 10 seconds
Getting ready to feed the ducks
Uncle Bubba feeding Luke a popsicle
Kami gets a bite too!
Gavin...oops, I mean a monkey
Zoey Nicole!
Madison...this makes me sad. I remember when she was born and now she's big enough to push the stroller around...

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Baylee's Mommy said...

The pictures are GREAT! Man you have some beautiful children. Must be Randall's ;) I wish I could give them some lovin' :(