Thursday, July 9, 2009

More Tests

Today Gavin had a routine check up with his hematologists Dr. Moore and Dr. Deyo. They weren't in the office, so we saw Paige, the nurse practitioner. Unfortunately Gavin's hemoglobin continues to drop. It should be in the 12-14 area (we are happy with 11.5) it was 9.7 today. This is a far cry from 5.2 when he was admitted to the hospital in October of 2007, but it's declining and if something isn't done, it will continue to decline. Paige contacted Dr. Moore (who was at the hosptial on the Hematology/Oncology unit) and instead of putting him back on steroids, she wants to run some additional tests, which includes a second bone marrow biopsy. Gavin had his first bone marrow biopsy in October of 2007 and everything seemed normal then, here's hoping for good results there again! We don't have a date set for the biopsy, but will likely be sometime next week. Dr. Deyo will be the performing physician, so whenever his schedule and the pediatric sedation team's schedule are clear, he will be doing it. They want to draw blood as well and run some tests on it as well, but will be doing it while he is sedated, so they don't have to hold him down to draw the blood. He normally only has to do a finger prick. So, I'm asking for prayers for Gavin in the next couple of weeks, so that they can find what is wrong and treat it! Also, Kami is pulling up to stand ALL BY HERSELF! I have pictures that I will be posting tomorrow. Sorry MiMi, I know I told you I would post them tonight, but I don't have time.

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