Monday, August 17, 2009

Funny Scene for the Day

Gavin doesn't eat eggs that often. He prefers food that is some form of bread. Usually, I scramble eggs for Kami, Luke and myself, and make Gavin either jelly toast, jelly biscuits, or pancakes. Today, he had pancakes. I decided to mix it up a little for Kami and Luke and fix them pancakes as well. They are feeding themselves more and more, and I cut the pancakes into small pieces for them to feed themselves. Now, since my kids wake up hungry, I "cook" them frozen pancakes! Heat them in the microwave for 1 minute 15 seconds and they are ready to go. There is NO WAY they would be patient enough for me to burn cook them homeade pancakes. Anyway, Gavin ate his 3 pancakes and I cut up one pancake for Kami and Luke to share and left their other 2 on the kitchen table. I went to go get Luke out of the bed and as I walk back into the dining room I see Gavin running into the living room and he slams the door shut. I put Luke in his high chair and promptly go see what Gavin is up to. When I found him, he was in the corner, hiding, eating one of Kami and Luke's pancakes! Apparently his 3 weren't enough!

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Sarah Carraway Armstrong said...

Too Funny!!!