Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gavin's Birthday Party

Handy Manny Cake! It was soo cute!
Another angle
Gavin getting ready to swim (also pictured: Aunt Kristy)
Stephanie and Zoey...Zoey didn't want her picture taken
Aunt Jessie with Kami
Me and Luke (not so good picture of me)
Cake time!
He is proud of himself for blowing out his candle!
Time to eat cake!
Present time!
T-ball set from Aunt Jessie
Another present
Alley Oop! A basketball goal from Mommy and Daddy
He shoots! He scores!
An art table from MiMi and Pop!
Zoey and Allie drawing

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Erin said...

glad gavin had a great birthday!! LOVE that cake pictures! adorable