Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gavin's Party at Mr. Gatti's

Thursday, on Gavin's birthday, Aunt Sheila hosted a small party at Mr. Gatti's (a pizza place similar to Chuck E. Cheese) for just a few family members. Gavin LOVES Mr. Gatti's. Pizza (his favorite food) combined with a gigantic play room equals a whole lot of fun for a brand new 2 year old!
Aunt Sheila made Gavin his favorite cake! Yellow cake with chocolate icing.
Blowing out the candle. It took him a few (ok maybe 10) tries to get it blown out, but he eventually succeeded!
Luke and Kami in their stroller. They enjoyed a big plate of spahgetti off of the buffet, and some cake and ice cream.
Gavin was happy about something...I'm not sure what it was. Maybe the pizza! LOL Also pictured is Lacy (Chad's cousin) and her son Wiley, who Gavin calls Wy-Wy.
Our beautiful niece Baylee!
Aunt Sheila helped Gavin open his presents...He loved this Handy Manny light spinner!
Pictures from his big party will be tomorrow or the next day! So stay tuned!

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BoufMom9 said...

Wonderful fun!
LOVE the happy, happy photos of gavin and his huge smiles.
I am amazed at how much Luke is starting to look like gavin as he gets older. WOW!