Monday, August 31, 2009

Getting Ready

For Kami and Luke's party. It's 2 weeks from yesterday. I have invitations that I will finish up today, and will go out tomorrow. Their presents have been ordered and will arrive one day this week. They each got a rockin' ride pony, Luke's is brown, Kami's is pink. We are holding the party on a Sunday due to confliction with LSU Football. Yes, you heard me right, originally their party would have been the 12th, but it's not only the first home LSU game, but it's the first SEC (Southeastern Conference) game as well. Lots of family members (including my brother and Chad's sister, and hopefully me) will be attending the game. So the party has been pushed back to Sunday. This dilema did give me a good idea for next year's party. I think we will do an LSU themed Tailgate party on the first away game date. That would be so much fun! Anyway, Mimi (my mom) is making the cakes. They will each have their own, in the shape of a number 1. Kami's will be pink and Luke's will be blue. I'm excited to see how the turn out! Still searching for my camera, I'm kind of getting worried it's definitely lost. Hopefully it will turn up. No worries though, Donna Sullivan, the photographer who took the kids' pictures recently, is going to photograph the party! Yay! That means I don't have to worry about making sure someone gets pictures of all the events!

In the meantime, my sinus head cold is getting better, while all the kids seem to be getting it. Kami actually feels like she may be running fever. I bought a thermometer (our other 25 are missing, go figure) at Wal-Mart and plan on taking her temp after she wakes up. She was asleep when we got home. Hopefully they don't have/get anything serious. Anyway, have a great week and Happy Monday!


Emily :) said...

So I found you on the blog frog. And I see that your lsu fans. Well, I just had to stop in and say I'm like die hard lsu. :). But I live in kansas.... lol

queenmari said...

i had red your blog earlier, but thought i should come back to leave a comment. your children are so cute. i have three too, and while the oldest and next are 3.5 years, the youngest 2 are 10 months apart.

lsu? my mom's family is all in alabama--they roll with the tide:). i'm a cal bear, and here in washington we are a cougar family as my youngest graduated from wsu. but football season is upon us, and i love college football.

glad to meet you.