Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hematology Update

Gavin had a hematology appointment to day and we were supposed to get all of the results of his blood work. Some of the tests (the ones sent to Stanford) weren't back yet, but some were. Everything so far is negative. Dr. Moore and Dr. Deyo weren't there today, so we saw a new doctor who didn't know Gavin's history. So, basically I didn't get very many answers. His hemoglobin was 10.1 down from 2 weeks ago, but not by much. His reticulocyte count was up, which means he is still destroying RBC's but it also means his body is working to replace them. They want him to go back next week just for blood work, we don't have to see the doctor. They are going back to checking him weekly instead of bi-weekly, so once a week, we will be going to the hospital for finger pricks. Poor little guy. I will keep you updated as more test results come in. Dr. Moore is usually good about calling when results come in. She calls me herself, which really helps because she can explain anything I have questions about. We went to McAllister's today after the appointment, and I took a few pictures of the babies that I will post later. Complete with Kami's itty bitty ponytail! Stay tuned!

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