Thursday, September 10, 2009

1 Year Well Check

Today, Kami and Luke went for their 1 year well check. They got shots (2 a piece) and their hemoglobin checked. Luke's hemoglobing was fine, but Kami's was low, so they sent her to the lab to have it rechecked. Still waiting to hear the results. Kami weighs 18lbs 13oz (25th percentile), she is 28 3/4 inches long (25th percentile), and her head is 18 1/4 inches around (90th percentile.) Luke weighs 22lbs 7oz (50th percentile), he is 30 inches long (50th percentile), and his head is 19 3/4 inches around (off the charts.) Luke has consistently been 3 pounds heavier than Kami, and now his is 3 pounds 10 ounces heavier, so his "lead" is getting stronger! LOL Also at their last appointment, he was only a half an inch taller than her, but is now an inch and a quarter taller than she is. She is just so tiny, still wearing size 3/6 months clothing! Luke wears 12 months...He's right on track! Also today, since we took Kami for extra bloodwork, we got Gavin's weekly bloodwork done as well. His results are back (they went to separate doctors) and his hemoglobin is 9.9. He will go next week to the doctor's office, so I can ask more questions about his flucuating hemoglobin.

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