Wednesday, September 2, 2009


So, the kids have all had nasty runny noses and coughs for the past couple of days. Gavin woke up this morning, not himself. So, I took his temp and it was 101.4. We called the doctor and they suggested we bring him in. So, we were there for his 1:20 appointment. It's always nice to have after lunch appointments because you never have to wait long! Anyway, she said his lungs sounded good and decided to run a strep test. It was negative. So, she ran the flu test. It was positive for the strain A of the flu. So, now I have 1 child with the flu, who feels like crap, and will possibly have 2 more joining him. I was given three prescriptions of Tamaflu. One for each kid, so if Kami and Luke do get the flu, maybe it won't be so bad. We will now be at home for the next couple of day hoping that mommy doesn't get it too!

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