Sunday, November 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Marissa!

Saturday we ventured out in the rain and cold for Marissa's 3rd Birthday party. Marissa is Gavin, Kami and Luke's cousin. Her mom and Chad are 1st cousins. Marissa is the ultimate girly girl. She likes baby dolls, shoes, purses, dress up and PINK. We got her a grocery cart with groceries that will go well with all of her cooking equipment she got! She's such a sweet girl and she LOVES Kami and Luke, she even named her baby dolls Kami and Luke! They had lots of fun. Kami wanted desperately to play with these little pilgrim people, and I wouldn't let her, only to find out later they are there for Marissa to play with. They had a blast playing with the magnets on the refridgerator. They are certainly easily amused.
The Princess Cake
Playing with the magnets
That's a BIG present!
Gavin anxiously waiting for presents to be over so he can eat some cake!
Kami Ruth and her pigtails
More presents
And more!
This is how I find Gavin often. He has begun to hide for the camera, or close his eyes.
Luke with the magnets again. Notice the cut on his eye. He fell down.
Kami and the pilgrim people
Kami laying on Wiley's lap while Carley plays with her.

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BoufMom9 said...

LOVING Kami's pigtails! ADORABLE!

Also love how easily amused your kids are. Enjoy that one while it lasts ;) LOL