Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Another Gavin Update

Where to start. First, I promise there are more pics from our Thanksgiving weekend! I just need to get around to uploading all of them. Now onto Gavin. Last week, we went to the Gastrologist. He asked quetions, and I answered. He decided to put Gavin on a lactose free diet, and then check for lactose intolerance in January. He also did an abodominal x-ray which showed an impaction. We did a 'clean out' which I don't think helped very much. We go back January 5. Today, we went in for his never ending cough/runny nose and sleeping problems. She seems to think they are all connected. While we were there, she discovered an ear infection. She put him on Nasonex for his stuffy nose, Tenar for the cough, and Augmentin for the ear infection. She said this is our last try at his sinus problems, and if this doesn't help, she's referring him to an ENT to possibly have his adenoids removed and sinuses cleaned out. Hopefully, this medicine helps!

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