Sunday, February 14, 2010

Our First Zoo Trip in 2010

Back in January (before the snow) the weather was warm and the kids were tired of being couped up in the house, so we went to the zoo! Gavin was excited, as were Kami and Luke. Anything to get outside! It was a little windy outside, but other than that it was PERFECT weather for the zoo! Not too hot, like our previous trips! I was a little disappointed, as the big cats (Tigers, Lions, etc.) still aren't on display yet because they are still constructing their new habitat. Maybe next time. (They have been gone since Gavin's first trip in March of 2008.)
Gavin likes to go to the zoo so he can walk around outside!
He wasn't too fond of the over friendly elephant.
But, he loved the birds and ducks!
Big Bird! (Not this one!)
Kami enjoyed the outside!
So did Luke!
Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Gavin, Kami and Luke!

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