Thursday, April 22, 2010

Blogging Rut!

I know, everyone wants pictures! Hopefully today I'll be able to post some! I'm taking Kami to the doctor in about an hour. She woke up with her eye swollen almost shut. I don't think it's pink eye, because there is no drainage, but it's swollen none the less. Gavin has to see the rheumatologist on June (yes June!) 16, he had one elevated marker, combine that with the limp and a family history of rheumatological problems, Dr. Ray thinks he needs to see Dr. Gedalia (the rheumatologist.) Luke fell down last night and busted his lip. It was so sad. But, he's fine now, the swelling is down and he just has a little cut on his upper lip. You'd never know if you saw him now! I have a TON of pictures to post! So, hopefully I can get around to doing that soon!

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