Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So you may wonder why I haven't been blogging much. Well, it's because we're moving! We are currently moved out of our house (and should be closing on it soon) and staying with my mom and Chad's dad (on and off) while our new house is getting ready! We should have about a month left before we can move it! Anyway, so while packing, I made sure to keep up with exactly where my camera was located...and I know right where it is. The cord, however, is another story! So, I have pictures trapped in my camera!

There is an update on Gavin. He did NOT respond the the immunization that the immunologist gave him a little over a month ago. His antibody production level didn't improve, so now he is going to have to have monthly antibody replacement therapy. He will have to be hooked up to an IV once a month and have antibodies infused into him for 4-8 hours. I know, things could be worse, but this really sucks. I feel like he can't catch a break. He didn't do anything to deserve all the crap he's been put through in his little life. I feel like anytime we go to the doctor, it will be the day he gets good news...but it NEVER happens. I don't want them to give us encouaraging news, bad news, good news AND bad news, promising news...I would just like for once, for him to get really good news. We are going to the immunologist tomorrow for an "informative" appointment. I'll go armed with questions for the doctor to answer. Only, I don't really have any....I can't think of anything to ask him! Isn't that terrible. Anybody got questions regarding Antibody Replacement Therapy?? So, I'm guessing we will get his first appointment for the therapy set up at this appointment as well. It wil be done in either an infusion center or a hospital setting. Then, on June 16 he'll go to the rheumatologist. Maybe he'll give us good news.

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amanda said...

hope moving goes well. or as well as it can. i can't imagine moving with kids. and their stuff. lol. not to mention MY stuff too. :0)