Monday, October 18, 2010

Catching Up Part 2: Kami and Luke's 2nd Birthday Party!

In my last post, I mentioned the scorching August heat in South Louisana. September's temperatures see little, if any, improvement, so we decided to hold Kami and Luke's party at Bouncing Tigers. It's a huge in door play ground, full of inflatables! They loved it! We had pizza, cake and ice cream, and they definitely weren't disappointed in the present department! The day was fun and exciting...until we got home and Luke vomited everywhere. There was an early bedtime for the kids, as they were WORE OUT! Then mommy and daddy got to watch the LSU v. North Carolina game. We did win...but it wasn't pretty!
My 2 year old birthday babies!
Gavin was constantly on the move! I barely got any pictures of him.
Luke in the ball pit!
Kami coming out of the tunnell!
Bouncing in the ball pit!
Gracie, Kami, Maddie, Asher
Everyone loved Lindsey the Tiger. Well, everyone except Luke, that is.
Yes, they spelled Kami's name wrong.
Luke with his daddy
Kami and Mommy


Kelly said...

The pictures are so cute! Looks like y'all had a great time. And I love the new background!

Christy (CPJ) said...

Precious! Your babies are growing up.

Erin said...

both parties looked great! :) glad to see all the pictures. precious babies.