Saturday, October 2, 2010

Neglecting My Blog...

I've spent the last couple of months getting our new home ready to move in! I have little access to the internet (well, I had access, but it wasn't on my computer!) and I've successfully neglected my blog! I can't believe I left everyone hanging on Gavin's IVIG infusions! He is getting his 5th next week! Overall, they are going well. They take a while (we are usually there for 2 hours before they even start) and he now knows what's going on when they take him to the "treatment room" complete with a bag full of goodies in tow...he is one strong 3 year old (that's right, he turned 3!) It usually takes myself and three nurses to hold him down. It's really sad. But, I (and his Aunt Sheila) fill him up full of goodies to make him feel better! After all, he's a growing boy! 33 pounds and 36 and a half inches (and growing) to be exact! He's getting too big for his britches (literally and figuratively!) LOL He's been sick for the last month or so with sinus infections, ear infections, eye infection and just a nasty, persistent cold! I think (after visiting 3 different doctors) we're getting it all under control. I did learn that one of his tubes (in his ear) has already fallen out, and he promptly got an ear infection. Also, his tube (in the other ear) was infected and he had a nasty drainage coming from his ear. It really looked like snot coming from his ear! He had his first ever opthamology appointment last week, at the request of his rheumatologist. He does NOT have or show any signs of iritis or uveitis, which are two common eye problems that go along with rheumatological problems. He hasn't been diagnosed with an rheumatological problems, but he is being followed by a rheumatologist because he has a family history and he had an elevated ANA profile. But, while they found no signs of iritis or uveitis, they did say he is far sighted and will likely have glasses in the near future. He almost wrote him a prescription for glasses last week, but decided to follow him and see him again in six months. So, that's just another doctor's appointment I'll have to remember. Thankfully, however, his hematology appointments are spacing out! He is due for a visit to Dr. Moore soon, and will probably go before October's end. But, with all of this on his plate, he is still happy-go-lucky Gavin! He strips down to his underwear every chance he gets! That's right, I said underwear, he is POTTY TRAINED! Well, day time potty trained...he still has to wear a pull up at night.

Kami and Luke also had the nast cold that Gavin had, but they have long since been better. Luke is one big boy! He is in the 75th percentile for height and weight (29 pounds 9 ounces, 35 inches tall) and eats like it! I told Chad we should have named him Mikey, because he'll eat anything! He does have acid reflux. Poor kid was vomiting at the most random times (2 or 3 times per week) with no other symptoms of illness. He was put on Prevacid and the vomiting has slowed down. As a matter of fact, tonight was the first time he vomited in over 3 weeks. He will be evaluated by Early Steps in the next couple of weeks to see if a speech therapist is necessary, sinces he's kind of slow to start talking. He very much LOVES Woody, and carries him around everywhere he goes. And he MUST have his hat! As a matter of fact, Luke calls him "Woody Hat." Since we moved, he has his very own room, and a brand new toddler bed! He sleeps very well in his Toy Story bed that his MiMi bought him!

Kami is very petite. At 25 pounds and 3 ounces, she is in the 25th percentile for height and weight. She's too smart for her own good. She often times tags along with Gavin when learning colors, shapes and letters and she catches on well...sometimes faster than Gavin! She can correctly identify the letters L-S-U! (That's my girl! LOL) And while she knows what a star and a heart are, she thinks all other shapes are circles! She's obsessed with colors, shoes, and stacking things on top of each other. Lately, she's been walking around "singing." She also has her very own room, and sleeps okay in her brand new Princess bed that MiMi bought her!

Chad is working in Illinois right now, so I'm home alone with the kids currently. The kids miss him like crazy, and so do I! We are going to visit him this weekend, and Gavin couldn't be happier! He's been up there since the end of July and has came home for both of their birthday parties and once again last weekend.

I *think* I have caught everything up! I may have left some things out, but I'll be back soon with another post! I promise, no more 3 month hiatuses! :)


Erin said...

happy to see an update from you!!!!!

Kevin and Cami said...

Yay for updates! I can't wait until I have time to update mine. I'm glad you finally got into your new home. Have fun visiting Chad. Be safe and good luck!