Thursday, January 10, 2013

Rain, Rain, and More Rain....

It's been raining for days. As a matter of fact, our yard hasn't been dry since BEFORE Christmas. It rains for a few days, stops for a day, then rains some more. Our yard was almost completely underwater yesterday. Luckily, we got a small break for about 12 hours and the water was able to recede. But the rain started again this morning and the water is coming right back into our yard! Hopefully it will stop soon. But our forecast is calling for rain almost everyday Saturday-Thursday of next week. There are tons of roads closed all over our parish right now! Today, the rain brought some severe weather with it. I had to brave a tornado warning to take Kami to the doctor. She was feeling absolutely awful. Vomiting blood and just very pale. She has strep throat and still feels miserable! We got her on an antibiotic and zofran (for the nausea/vomiting) and hopefully she'll be feeling much better soon!

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