Monday, September 29, 2008

Bottles for the Night

It's 10 o'clock at night, and while I should be trying to sleep, I'm blogging about how many bottles I have to fix at night! LOL Eight bottles in total, just for the night. I make them before I go to bed. I put the water in them, so that when I have to wake up to feed Kami and Luke, all I have to do it add the formula. I would say it saves about 5 minutes rather than fixing the bottle completely, so that 10 minutes (5 for each baby) everytime I have to wake up, so that's 40 extra minutes of sleep at night! WooHoo! Luke is the big eater of the two (obviously we could tell by their birth weights LOL). He takes a full 3 oz at every feeding, and I think I'm about to bump him up to 4 oz soon. Kami on the other hand is very inconsistent with the amount she takes. Sometimes she will take a full 3 oz, and sometimes she takes an ounce or so, and 20-30 minutes later she wants the rest. And sometimes she is just happy with an ounce or two and doesn't eat anymore for 3 hours. They usually eat every 3 hours, though sometimes they go about 4 hours, and sometimes they only wait 2 hours. The good news is since they have been born, I've only had to buy 2 things of formula. The doctor's office gave me formula at their first visit and their 2 week visit, and also at their 2 week visit, the Similac Rep(we use Similac Advance Early Shield) gave me a whole case! Yay! They also signed me up for the multiples program and will be sending me a case of formula for 3 months! For those of you with formula fed babies, you know how expensive that stuff is!
Bottles for the night


Randall Family said...

Oh wow... That's a lot of bottles. I would say that Kayla is a lot like Kami as far as feeding.. I have no idea how much she takes though since I breastfeed..

Have you gone anywhere with them? That must be hard!

The Murray Crew said...

Brings back sooooo many memories! I HEART Whole Milk! =)

The Myers Family said...

Hi! I found you through another twin mommy blog(gibson twins). I thought your "bottle making" was very funny! I totally did the exact opposite. I made bottles at night too...put the scoops in and just had to pour bottled water(for me it was easier to handle water half asleep than the powder formula b/c i was afraid i'd spill that stinky powder all over my bed while half asleep trying to measure :). I swear a few nights i'd prop a baby up with a bottle in her mouth sitting in the boppy facing me and wake up an hour later..bottle finished and baby sound asleep w/bottle still proped in her mouth..THAT was funny!)We were buying plastic drinking water bottle in bulk for the first 6 months. Ahh..brings back memories...

hope you get lots of sleep soon!