Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Sleepy Time

Gavin was 11 months old before he finally started sleeping through the night. But, he still requires a little help from mommy to get that way! He falls asleep in mine and Chad's bed, and then I move him to his bed. He usually wakes up in the transition, but I lay him down and turn on his aquarium and he's fine. In the pictures of him below, he has his blanket that he sleeps with every night! Won't go to sleep with out it! It is all silk on the back, and he rubs it on his face! So sweet! I have began swaddling Kami and Luke at night again, after a long night the other night, of getting up every 10-15 minutes to replace a pacifier that their flying arms kept knocking out! Literally, from 11 until about 4:30 I was up every 10-15 minutes because one of them had lost their pacifier! I was so tired and had a migraine headache then next day (yesterday). So, last night I swaddled them, and they only woke up every 3 hours for a bottle! So, much better! We shall see if it works again tonight!
Sacked out!
Loves his blanket
Swaddled and Sweet

I put this picture on here, simply because it shows how much bigger Luke is than Kami! He now wears newborn clothing, while she is still wearing preemies. I should add that they both wear newborn diapers, and have been since birth.

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Jami Ainsworth said...

Have you had newborn photographs done yet? I have not photographed twins in a long time and would give a FREE SESSION and some other freebies. Where are you located? I occassionaly visit your blog from Baylee's. Let me know.