Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry Christmas Gavin!!!!

Gavin's follow up visit from them weaning his Orapred at his last appointment was today. They did bloodwork and his hemoglobin was 11.7! It didn't decline with the weaning of the steroids! So, they (and by they I mean 3 doctors and 2 nurse practitioners) decided to take him completely off the medication and follow up (AGAIN) in 2 weeks for more bloodwork. But, with all good news their is some potentially bad news. The swabbed his eye and nose for a culture because he has a green discharged coming from his eye and nose. They just want to make sure he doesn't need to be on antibiotics. They also put a urine bag on him for a urine sample because he has been peeing ALOT! They want to make sure there isn't a UTI going on as well. I will get the results of those tests on Friday. Hopefully they are all NEGATIVE!


Andrea' said...

Well, I'm so happy that Gavin is finally off the meds. That little boy has been through so much in the first year and half of his life. I'll never forget that time in the hospital when they stuck him in the foot, poor baby.

Avery's Mommy said...

Sending prayers your way!