Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Two weeks ago when I took Gavin to the hematologist, they decided to begin the process of weaning him off of Orapred (prednisone) and see how he tolerates it. His hemoglobin was 11.3 and at the time he was on 0.4 mL once a day, and they instructed me to lower his dose to 0.3 mL once a day for seven days, then lower again to 0.2 mL for seven more days then repeat labs and office visit. When we went in on Monday his hemoglobin was 11.7! So, we again lowered his dose to 0.1 mL once a day, and on Monday I will decrease frequency, so he will get 0.1 mL every other day! I hope that he tolerates this wean as well as he did the last one and that will will be able to completely take him off the medication on t 21st of this month! I will keep you posted!

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