Wednesday, February 11, 2009


No new pictures for this post, and maybe for a while, my camera is broken. But, I thought I'd post some tidbits about the kids.

Gavin is growing like a little weed! He's learning new words everyday. New words include: boon (balloon), move, and wub you (love you). When I put my arm around him and he doesn't want it there, he says "Move!" He now answers yes to some things instead of no to everything. He only shakes his head though. When he shakes his head no he say "Un uh". He climbs on EVERYTHING! Yesterday, I caught him climbing on my cedar chest (which is behind my couch in my living room) and then climbing over the back of the couch! Earlier, at my mom's, he stepped on a paint can, then a shelf, and into the pack 'n play with Kami! Another favorite is the kitchen table. He also really loves to kiss on his brother and sister! And takes care of them if they cry! If one is crying he always tries to give them a pacifier or bottle! So sweet! We are working on manners, and I tell him to say please and thank you (even though he doesn't really understand yet), ma'am and sir, and to cover his mouth when he coughs. He is doing great covering his mouth! Almost everytime he coughs, he just does it, I really don't have to remind him much anymore. Soon, we will begin potty training, so pray for me! LOL

Kami is finally starting to grow a little and now wears mostly 0-3 months clothes! LOL Although some 0-3 is still a little big, and some Newborn still fit. Mostly newborn pants fit, and newborn onesies are too small. Yep, at 5 months old, she can still wear newborn clothes! She likes her bouncy seat, and loves to suck her thumb. She doesn't take her pacifier anymore. Just sucks that thumb. She really loves to watch tv. Yeah, Yeah, I know, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do right? She absolutely LOVES her brothers! She wants one of them to be around at all times. It's usually Luke, but when Gavin comes to play with her, her face lights up! She is a big fan of teething rings, or anything really that she can chew on. She's NOT a big fan of baby food. But, I haven't given her any fruits yet, trying to find a vegetable she'll eat. I think I'm gonna try sweet potatoes next. She is very much the drama queen! She hates to be alone! And if she can't see somebody, she cries!

Luke is a big boy! Really, he's getting chunky! I got him dressed today, and he is wearing an outfit that Chad bought for Gavin when we were shopping for his birthday present. That's right, Luke can wear an outfit at 5 months old, that Gavin wore when he was 1 year old! Luke likes his baby food. He'll eat the whole jar by himself. He love, love, loves to swing! He would stay in that swing all day long, only getting out to eat, if I'd let him! He's the biggest wiggle worm! If you put him on the floor, he will migrate everywhere! Never stays in one spot. He is a pacifier baby. If he is fussy (which very rarely happens), just give him his paci and he's happy! He is the most laid back little baby I've ever seen! Although, he is very tenderhearted and if Gavin or Kami is crying (really crying, not whining) he will cry until you get them to stop! And he has the most pitiful cry ever.

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The Sharbono Family said...

Love the update! You have such sweet babies. Don't you think everyone in the world should get a crack at twins??? They are priceless!!! :)