Friday, March 6, 2009


So, after we went to the after hours clinic, we followed up with our pediatrician, who said he had a cold, and gave him cough medicine. About 24 later (yesterday) his fever was up to 104, so we called the doctor, who said bring him in today, but less than an hour after I talked to the nurse, his fever went up to 105 (after a dose of tylenol), so I took Kami amd Luke to my good friend (and neighbor) Jody, and took Gavin to the Pediatric ER at Our Lady of the Lake. They tested him again for Strep and the Flu, both negative, and did a chest x-ray...he has pneumonia! Kami and Luke aren't allowed to be around him, so I'm leaving soon to meet my mom with them, for the weekend, and hopefully, that will be enough time for him to get better. I just jnew something was wrong, and that he had more than the flu!


Nanny said...

I am praying for swift recovery. I am praying for you Leah. Thank the Good Lord for Mothers instinct, never doubt it.

Aunt Dixie

The Eadle Family said...

Hope he feels better! WOW, 105 is so high! Kudos to you for following your instinct!