Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blah....that's my new word...

No new pictures, but I will take some shortly. Gavin got a brand new toddler bed, but hasn't slept in it yet :( He hasn't been feeling well the past couple of days, and this afternoon he had a 102.7 temp and he was breathing heavy, so we took him to the doctor this afternoon and he has a URI (upper respiratory infection). They swabbed him for the Flu and Strep and both were negative (THANKFULLY!). They prescribed him some antibiotics and said follow up with PCP tomorrow (we were at an after hours clinic). He felt better after a dose of Motrin, his temp came down to about 101.0, but when it started to wear off, he started feeling yucky again, and his temp was back up to 102.3. I gave him another dose of motrin, and hope he feels better tomorrow, so I don't have to actually take him in to the doctor, because he has a hemotology appointment (hopefully his last one for a while) on Friday. We really don't want to do 3 doctors appointments in 1 week! I will keep you posted, and hopefully soon I will have pictures of the big boy in his new big boy bed! Oh, and all of this occured after a VERY EXCITING (sarcasm anyone??) day of Jury Duty! *Blah*

P.S. Thank God for Aunt Sheila! She came with me to take him to the doctor, and she can always keep him occupied!

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The Eadle Family said...

Sorry he is so sick. We bought new toddler beds and the girls didn't get to sleep in them the first night. One of my daughters, Chloe, and me, spent the night on the Peds. floor with pneumonia, and they pumped her full of antibiotics and in the morning she was well enough to go home. My other daughter spent the night with my mother, and my fiancee spent the night alone in our new place. lol. Good luck getting him to sleep in it.