Friday, March 27, 2009

Long Overdue Pictures

She was very interested in the Wiggles :)
There's that pretty smile!
Swinging Luke...he still LOVES to swing
Chubby Luke :)
Jump, Jump Luke
Gavin got a haircut
Profile shot
These are the gestures he makes when he says "Gone, Gone" or "Where's it at?"
Sitting in daddy's lap
Yumm...hotdogs and french fries
Eating at the table like a big boy...he only does this occassionally, because he still likes to throw food everywhere...
He was leaning over to give Luke a kiss :) He loves his brother and sister
Gavin biting Kami's foot
Gavin loving on his sister :)
A little bit blurry, but it's not often I get a picture of her not making a face :)


Gibson Twins said...

Gavin looks like such a good big brother!! PS- where did you find the Mickey plate? Mine are diehard MMCH fans and our Disney store JUST closed :(

Love the babies' smiles- so precious!

The Eadle Family said...

Your kids look like they have so much fun with each other!

My kids don't seem very interested in the Wiggles. I was kinda of disappointed. :(