Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Zoo Time!

Today Aunt Sheila and I took the babies to the zoo. Gavin had a BLAST! He loved being outside all day and loved all of the animals! He walked almost the whole trip! He did however want Aunt Sheila to carry him some. It was a LONG walk, but I'm glad we took him, because he has so much fun. I'm sure there will be a few more trips this summer! Kami and Luke also did very well. I was kind of worried that they would be super fussy, but only a little bit. And both of them stayed awake until the very end! Now, on to the pics!
Zoo entrance sign
Ready to Roll!
Gavin wanted to "help" push!
Kami and Luke
Gavin watching the monkeys
Lunch time! Gavin loves his Aunt Sheila!
Gavin and Mommy with the Giraffes
Gavin (eating a french fry) and the Flamingos
Gavin, Aunt Sheila, and the Giraffes
A tall Giraffe...I wonder if his name was Jeffery?
The Zebras...there was a baby zebra!
Train Pictures!
Mommy and Kami
Gavin, Aunt Sheila and Luke
Love this face! I think he was very happy to be OUT of the stroller!
Tuckered out!

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BoufMom9 said...

WOW! Gavin is really becoming a big boy! LOVE him pushing the babies in the stroller! WOW!