Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Catching Up

It's been a while since I have posted, so I'm just catching up. We went to PawPaw Randy's last weekend and I snapped some pictures of the babies.
Gavin always finds something to play with at PawPaw Randy's house. This day he found a bicycle helmet, and I tried to get a picture of him actually wearing it, but he would get it off before I could snap a picture!
Kami and Luke
Yesterday, I decided it was time for Kami and Luke to try some puffs. Gavin never liked them, and always gagged when I gave them to him. So, I was reluctant to give them to Kami and Luke. Well, they liked them. Kami especially! Luke was a little more hesitant, which surprises me, because he is the big eater!
Luke, not sure what to think...
Kami says "Give me some more!"
Luke got a little red at the park yesterday...
Silly Gavin! I was taking Kami and Luke's pictures, so he needed his taken too! He's soo funny! A typical conversation with Gavin between his daddy and I goes something like this:
Gavin: "Mama."
Me: "What Baby?"
Gavin: "DaDa."
Chad: "What Buddy?"
Gavin: "Mama."
Me: "What baby?"
Gavin: "Dada."
And Gavin's laughing the whole time...he's so goofy!

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The Sharbono Family said...

Oh, how I love your kids' pictures! They are all so cute...you must be so proud!