Thursday, May 28, 2009

Doctors' Appointments 2 & 3

So, I already told ya'll that Gavin's blood pressure was great at his cardiology appointment on Tuesday and they are weaning him off of his Captopril, so I thought I'd fill you in on his other 2 appointments from the week.

I'll start with Wednesday. Since he had his big bout of diarrhea, Dr. Ray (his pedi) changed his milk to soy (which didn't help) ran a bazillion tests (ok only 3 or 4) and have finally decided he needs to see a Pediatric Gastroenterologist. The soonest appointment they could get him was OCTOBER, so Dr. Ray is going to call Dr. Alberti (the only Pedi GI doc in Baton Rouge) herself and see if she can get him in soon, otherwise he will have to go to New Orleans. The poor kid has 3-8 dirty diapers a day, and this isn't helping with his potty training!

Today (Thursday) we went to see the hematologist. His hemoglobin was 10.9. Which is good, for Gavin, but not what they would like it to be. So, back in a month. I was so disappointed because it had been being 11.7 or higher, which is great for Gavin (considering it was 5 when he was 2 months old!) Had it been a little higher, we wouldn't have had to return for 6 MONTHS! But, now we go back in 4 weeks....And of course, I will keep you updated!

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