Monday, June 22, 2009

Post Father's Day

Bright and early Sunday, the kiddie's piled into our bed to wake up Chad (well, I put Kami and Luke in there, and Gavin is ALWAYS happy to wake up his daddy), to give him his father's day present. He got a new LSU hat. We spent the entire day at my father-in-law's swimming mostly! We bar-b-qued ribs (yumm). The kids had a lot of fun, Gavin always likes it when he can play outside, which is where he stays at his Pawpaw Randy's house. With out further ado, here are the pictures from the day!
Baylee entertaining her baby cousinsKami and Luke, chillin' in the Bumbos (best invention ever!)
Yes, Gavin (the not even 2 year old) knows how to start the 4-wheeler! He turns the key, then pushes the button and claps for himself! LOL
Kami Kam with her daddy
Happy Little Luke with his daddy
Gavin, oh so very excited to ride the 4-wheeler with his daddy...also pictured Gracie!
Kami and Luke enjoying some ice cold water from their sippys
Little Swimmer...not really, he freaks if you let him go!
That was our Father's Day! How did you spend yours?


Kevin and Cami said...

What a fun way to spend Father's Day!

Baylee's Mommy said...

Great pictures of your SWEET SWEET babies!

The Sharbono Family said...

Cute babies!!! Nathan got LSU gear too. :)
Are you guys coming up here for the 4th?? I think a lot of the fam is coming in and going to Mrs. Dixie's house. Hope to see you all there!!

BoufMom9 said...

Just adorable! Sounds like a perfect Father's Day for Chad (and FIL)
I can't believe how big your kiddies are getting! It's crazy! And, the chunky legs on your twins! SO CUTE!!!!