Thursday, June 18, 2009

Results are In...

and we know nada! And by nada I mean nada enough to satify me! LOL I spoke with Dr. Alberty (Gavin's Gastroenterologist) today, and he said only one marker came back positive for Celiac Disease, so he doesn't think he has it. But, there is some inflamation going on, and they are going to do an EGD and Colonoscopy next Thursday @ 11 am. He will be put to sleep. He will only be able to consume a clear liquid diet (think jello, popsicles, chicken broth) on Wednesday and clear liquids will have to be stopped on Thursday at 7 am. I'm SOO not looking forward to this, and will be glad when it is over. If anybody has any clear liquid suggestions for a 22 month old, let me know, because I don't think chicken broth is going make it down his throat!


Autumn said...

I am sorry that you didnt get any definite answers. Hope they told you not to give him anything red. Jello and popsicles is what came to my mind. When my son had to do clear liquids we done watered down 7up and some pedialyte as well.

The Sharbono Family said...

GRRRR...I know that is so aggravating. I still don't have any definitive answers on Sadie's bump. That was the most frustrating part for me in all. I will be praying for your patience in all this. Good luck!!!!

BoufMom9 said...

Oh no. Not fun at all.
I am so sorry to hear this.

I know I just heard from another friend of mine who has to have the same tests done for her little boy as well :(

I wish i could remember what we did for David way back when... he had the same tests when he was 3 (which is 13 years ago!).

I hope you get some answers.