Sunday, June 28, 2009

We're Back Home

After spending the weekend in Jena at MiMi and Pop Pop's, we are back home. We have quite a busy week. Tomorrow Kami and Luke will be evaluated for Early Steps to see if they qualify for Occupational Therapy and then we will take Gavin to the hematologist to have his hemoglobin levels checked, because they weren't quite as high as the docs wanted to see them last time. Here's hoping for 11.5 or higher! Tuesday, Gavin was supposed to have an appointment with Dr. Alberty, but after his procedure he suggested we move it back 3 weeks. Wednesday, Gavin has an appointment with his cardiologist. Just a check up to see how he is handling NOT taking his captopril (antihypertensive.) Here's hoping for a good blood pressure! I will keep you posted about Gavin's many appointments and Kami and Luke's evaluation!

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