Thursday, July 2, 2009


Gavin had an appointment yesterday with the cardiologist. Since he has this phobia of a blood pressure cuff, it's never to fun to go there because he freaks when they pull it out. Yesterday was no exception. I was prepared though, I brought MckNuggets (LOL), they calmed him down a little bit. But, the nice nurse had a sucker, which surely out ranked my chicken nuggets. But, he was still freakin' out when the pumped up the cuff, so his pressures were a little higher than expected. He didn't put back on his medication, but rather, we are going to watch it and we go back August 3. Gavin told the nice nurse "Tay U" (that's Gavinese for Thank You) for the very first time! Yay for babies with good manners! And since we didn't finish with the Early Steps for Kami and Luke early enough, I have to reschedule Gavin's hematology appointment. It will most likely be one day next week. I will post about it afterwards!

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