Sunday, August 23, 2009


What is it with kids and there constant over use of the word "no?" If Gavin doesn't want to do something, he looks at me sternly, points his finger and says "No, mama." To which I respond with, "Yes! Gavin." And then he proceeds to run around the room (running AWAY from me) saying "No mama, no mama..." and so on. This is usually the case when it's time to change a diaper. He also tells me no, when he wants me to stop doing something (vacuuming, eating...yes I said eating, etc.) What's worse is I really think he believes he's in charge. He is SO not in charge! I always win, but he always puts up a good fight. Even Kami is beginning to learn the meaning of the word no. She will shake her head if she doesn't want something. Usually with food, but she has said no to the sippy cup a few times. I believe she wants a bottle, but she eventually gives in and takes the sippy cup. So I ask, what is it with a child's fascination with the word "no?"

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Tina said...


They learn NO way to fast. LOL

My granddaughter who is only 9 months just started shaking her head NO...I'm like not already!