Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh no...

I seemed to have misplaced my camera. I know that it is either somewhere in my car, or somewhere in the house. I put it in the diaper bag last weekend to take with me when we got Gavin's hair cut. Well, I never took the bag out of the car that day. I did bring it inside when we got home. So, it either fell out of the diaper bag in my car or Gavin took it out of the diaper bag after it was brought inside. I'm hoping it fell out in my car because chances of finding it sooner are greater!

Anyway, I took Gavin to the doctor today because of his ear. We were in the waiting room for over an hour before I decided to get up and leave. We couldn't get in to see our doctor and were seeing one of her partners. Well, he seemed to be moving extremely slow, and I had other things to do, so we left. We went from there to the hospital for Gavin's labwork. I just left a voicemail for the nurse at his Hematologists office to call me with the results. So, we are waiting. Then we went to Babies 'R Us. I wanted to pick up 1st Birthday Shirts for Kami and Luke to wear. Luke's is white with blue and green writing. Kami's is white with pink writing and decorations. It will go perfect with her hand made tutu that her Aunt KK made for her!

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