Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Update on the Munchkins

Kami is MUCH better. No barking coughs today! Luke still has a super runny nose and Gavin finally quit vomiting! All day long, Gavin refused to eat. Kami and Luke at fruit loops for breakfast, Gavin didn't want any. Kami and Luke had chicken nuggets for lunch, Gavin didn't want any. He would only drink sprite. So, at 1:20 I took them all to the doctor. No way, was I having another night like last night. Dr. Ray gave Kami a prescription for orapred to help with the croup, she gave Luke Nasonest for that leaky faucet nose of his and told me to keep an eye on Gavin, and if he didn't pee by the afternoon to take him to the ER. Well, the vomiting stopped around 2:30 am and the diarrhea stopped around 11ish, so once that was all done, the little bit of sprite he was drinking kicked in and he was able to pee. While we were at Wal-Mart, I asked him what he wanted for supper, he didn't have an answer. So, I asked if he wanted pizza, he said yes, but then changed his mind back to no. We got home I fixed the pizza at 4:45 and he ate the topping off of 2 pieces plus a half a banana. Kami was super fussy and she was in bed at 5 pm! Luke and Gavin followed 30 minutes later. They have all been up only once in the past 5 hours. I had a tiny cat nap, and am about to go to bed! Just wanted to update!

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Hilary said...

Glad things are starting to look up!! Poor babies and Momma!!