Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009!

Well, let me start by saying that Trick or Treating was a FAIL! On our 3rd house, a guy in a mask was trying to scare some older kids, and Gavin witnessed it. It scared him and he didn't want to go to anymore houses. He did attempt ONE more, but she was also wearing a mask, so he said "No, Mama!" Luke was not having fun anyway. He was crying and crying...until I let him play with one of Gavin's guns! But that only occupied him for about 10 minutes. So, we headed back to our car early and went to PawPaw Randy's for a party! This is where Gavin wanted to go in the first place, and it was a success! Luke was all over the place, while Kami just sat in one spot, entertaining the party guests! Seriously, we were there for about 2 and a half hours and she didn't move from this spot until about 30 minutes before we left. She was EATING up all the attention. Gavin was, of course, hogging Aunt Sheila's attention! Here are some of the pictures I took last night! Hope you enjoy!
"Howdy Partner!" Cowboy Gavin
The tiniest Elvis impersonator!
(*note: please ignore my crooked eyes and cheesey smile, this is my only picture of Luke in the wig, so I HAD to post it.)
Tinkerbell and her Daddy
Time for some candy!
Blonde Elvis
(yes, Luke has some sort of reaction mosquito or some other insect bites that were HUGE. They are better in here, but I thought he hit his head, one was so big.)
Tinkerbell, Party Entertainer!
(This was her spot for 2 hours!)
Gavin (plus chocolate on his shirt, minus his costume) took a break from scaring "Eah" (Aunt Sheila) to smile for the camera!
And that was our night! Hopefully, next year's Trick or Treating goes better!


shannon said...

aw, your kiddos are so cute! found you through the multiples and more site! and i learned from your blog that *technically* (according to wikipedia-which we *all* know is gospel) my hubster and i have irish triplets, too! crazy!

Shelly said...

They look so cute! It's kind of funny that most of the year, we keep our kids away from strangers and don't go up to other people's houses and then we try to get them to trick or treat when there are scary people everywhere. I think it confuses the toddler brain. Mine did the same thing at that age. Give Gavin a year or 2 and he'll totally dominate Halloween! lol. Loved the pics!

Erin said...

so sorry trick or treating didnt quite go well, but atleast ur kiddos looked adorable all dressed up! :) looks like yall got to watch some football too, hehe!