Monday, November 2, 2009


Nothing special to blog about, just some random things going on! Let's start with:

Gavin. He will go for bloodwork one day this week. I was going to take him today, but I totally forgot the double stroller was in the back of Chad's truck from Halloween, so we didn't go. But I had to take him (and Luke) to the pediatrician. Gavin has had a NAGGING cough for 2 months or longer, and he was out of cough medicine. It gets so bad at night that he throws up 3 or 4 times a night, just from gagging while coughing. The doctor says it sounds like sinuses, so she prescribed him an antihistamine and it seems to be working so far. He's also going back for a follow up with the gastrologist. He was supposed to go months ago, but I forgot. He goes on the 11th. On the 17th, he goes into the office to see the hematologist. Hopefully, (crossing fingers) Dr. Moore or Dr. Deyo will be in the office. I have so many questions and Dr. Jones doesn't seem to be as concerned as I am. She's nice and has some tests she wants to run, so if we do see her, hopefully she'll have more information on that. On a completely different note, Gavin is potty training. I mean HARD CORE potty training! He can only wear a pull up if we leave the house or if he is sleeping. Today was our first day and I must say he didn't do terrible. He had 4 accidents and 3 successful potties! Hopefully it will get better each day.

Luke also went to the doctor today. He has some serious reactions to insect bites. (Click on the picture from Halloween to make it bigger and you will see what I'm talking about!) I'm talking these bites turned into HUGE KNOTS on his head. I thought we were going to have to take him to the After Hours clinic. Thankfully, a dose of benadryl fixed the problem rather quickly. But, the doctor says that some kids have "bigger" reactions to insect bites, but doesn't necessarily mean they are allergic. She advised me to watch him and if he is bitten and it is something that alarms me, then to bring him in. And, he is trying to walk! Yay! He will walk around everywhere as long as he has something to hold onto and push. Not just cruising anymore! And he LOVES to do it. He especially loves to walk holding onto someones fingers. He has such a personality these days. His favorite word is "No." And he shakes his hand to go along with it.

Kami is going to be in a pageant! She was supposed to be in the Louisiana HoneyBee Festival Pageant that benefits St. Jude's in October and we bought a dress, matching bow, and shoes, then we ended up going out of town. So I had all of the stuff and nothing to do with it, until now! She is going to be in The Christmas Angels Pageant which also benefits St. Jude's on the 14th. She is what I call semi-walking! She takes about 8-10 steps before falling down! She is very proud of herself and claps and says "Yay!" for herself. It's so cute. She'll be a full walker any day now! She also likes to give kisses! She kisses me, Gavin, (not Luke, because he will pull her hair) her Daddy, and her baby dolls.

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