Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving! (Yeah, I know I'm late with this pictures!)

I've been totally slacking in the blogging department lately! I still have several posts to go! Maybe I can get another one in tonight! It's easy supper night. Chad's and the kid's are having pigs in a blanket and I'm having a lean cuisine (I'm doing Weight Watchers). Anyway, I didn't take too many pictures from Thanksgiving. Mostly repetive pictures, so I'm posting 2 of each of the kids.
Gavin, it's becoming increasingly harder to get a picture of this kid's face. He looks away right before I snap the shot!
Or he covers his face with a pillow! But, don't you love his cute outfit!
Kami, playing with a baby doll at Aunt Tracie's house.
Still playing with that doll! She loves babies! Her outfit was Baylee's, you might remember me mentioning how much I loved it here.
MiMi helping Luke over the gate!
Luke practicing his walking! His outfit was a birthday gift from Jody, and I loved it so much, I saved it for his Thanksgivng outfit!

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