Wednesday, December 16, 2009

LSU vs. Arkansas

Saturday after Thanksgiving was the LSU vs. Arkansas game, and I went with my family and we had a BLAST. I rode from Vidalia back to Baton Rouge with my cousins Kyle, Shonda, Kassi and Shonda's husband Carl.
Kassi, Shonda and I bright and early.
Shonda and I. We had to stop for breakfast!
Me and my brother. It's impossible for him to take a picture with a straight face.
Me, Charles Scott (LSU running back) and Andrea. I was pretty excited to meet him! He was injured in the LSU vs. Alabama game, so he didn't play.
Kassi and Charles Scott
We did a tour of the locker room. This is the WIN Bar. The football team touches it before going on the field every home game.
Kristy and I at the game. We had soo much fun!
It should also be noted that LSU won this game in a very tight ending! It was so exciting.

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Megan said...

So cute, Leah! Love the win bar. We don't have anything like that at Baylor. Maybe that explains some things :-/